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Increasing infrastructure resilience with Nature-based Solutions (NbS)


While  the  upstream  barriers  will  need  to  be  addressed  to  create  a  more  enabling  environment  for  NbS uptake in LAC, the present document addresses the downstream barriers by outlining a 12-step process to integrate NbS into the project development cycle. Ideally, NbS will be integrated into the earliest stages of project development to optimize output and cost efficiency, yet NbS can be integrated at various stages of project development. For example, NbS can play an important role in project maintenance in areas where NbS may have not featured in project design (e.g. roads, coastal infrastructure). This guidance emphasizes the importance of integrating NbS from project inception, recognizing that there are various entry points. The goal of this document is to provide guidance to project developers to prepare bankable sustainable infrastructure 2 projects that build climate resilience, and consider NbS as a substitute, compliment, or safeguard to conventional infrastructure projects. 

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