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National Development Vision,2025; Tanzania, Un. Rep. of

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A high-quality livelihood for all Tanzanians is expected to be attained through strategies which ensure the realisation of the following goals:

  • Food self-sufficiency and food security
  • Universal primary education, the eradication of illiteracy and the attainment of a level of tertiary education and training that is commensurate with a critical mass of high-quality human resources required to effectively respond to and master the development challenges at all levels
  • Gender equality and the empowerment of women in all socio-economic and political relations and cultures
  • Access to quality primary health care for all
  • Access to quality reproductive health services for all individuals of appropriate ages.
  • Reduction in infant and maternal mortality rates by three-quarters of current levels
  • Universal access to safe water
  • Life expectancy comparable to the level attained by typical middle-income countries
  • Absence of abject poverty
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