IWRM Survey FAQ for use during SDG 6.5.1 stakeholder consultations

IWRM Survey FAQ for use during SDG 6.5.1 stakeholder consultations



Below you will find detailed guidance on common questions about how to use the online survey tool specifically during the SDG 6.5.1 stakeholder consultations. Click on each question to get more information.

Should you have any other questions or need further guidance on how to use the online version of the 6.5.1 survey instrument, please feel free to reach out via email to sdg6iwrmsp@gwp.org.


1. What is the purpose of the online IWRM Survey tool?

The IWRM Survey tool could be used as input to virtual or in-person stakeholder consultations as a user-friendly, easily accessible way to receive perspectives from a wide range of stakeholders on the SDG 6.5.1 survey questions. This can replace or complement an in-person consultation workshop – to allow stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the survey in advance and to identify questions with diverging opinions/scoring. Questions 4 and 5 below will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guidance on possible scenarios to use this tool during the stakeholder consultations.

2. How to fill in the Survey?

To start filling out the survey, the respondent is required to input some basic details, such as their name, organisation, email address, and country (Fig.1).

We recommend registering or logging in to your user account on the IWRM Action Hub, which allows submissions to be saved as draft and reviewed after completing the Survey. If a user wishes to complete the Survey without logging in, there is a possibility to receive Survey results via email, however, the content recommendations will not be included.

Figure 1. Respondent Information. 

Note: In case the Focal Point and/or the Facilitator wish to collect the results from participants after stakeholder consultations, please reach out to sdg6iwrmsp@gwp.org to receive a specific country code. Each stakeholder within the country consultation process will have to enter this code on the Survey page. This is done to differentiate the responses and account for all results within the consultation process. See Q5 below for various options to get the submission results.


For each question, the respondent is asked to score the degree to which that aspect of IWRM is being implemented. This is done by dragging a toggle across the scoring scale which displays the corresponding progress description on the right. Each question can be skipped by ticking the ‘Not applicable’ box. Make sure to provide explanations on ‘status and progress’ and ‘way forward’ in the designated free text field (as per the Word version of the survey) (Fig.2). Users are encouraged to consult the ‘Glossary’ and ‘How to complete the survey’ featured on each Survey page.

 Figure 2. Example of a question in the IWRM Survey.  
3. Which languages are available for the IWRM Survey?

The Survey is available in 7 languages - English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. This is the same text as the official Survey for monitoring SDG 6.5.1. You will find clickable links for various languages on the IWRM Survey page under the description. For other languages please use the translation button at the top of the page.

4. How can the Survey be shared with stakeholders?

The online Survey can be shared with participants by sending the link via email or any messenger app to get familiarised with the questions. Below are a few suggestions on how to share the Survey with stakeholders:

  • Sharing the Survey before the stakeholder workshop

The Survey may be shared before the workshop. This way stakeholder will get familiar with the questions. After filling out their responses, a user will get their score and the official country score from 2020 monitoring round. They will also be recommended materials from IWRM Action Hub to improve their country score.

  • Discussing the Survey results at the stakeholder workshop

The results of the Survey can be discussed at the stakeholder workshop if stakeholders were required to submit their responses before a deadline. The online Survey presents a quick way of getting an overview of stakeholder inputs before the gathering and allows to focus on challenges and way forward in a more time-efficient manner.

  • Collecting inputs from stakeholders through the online Survey during the workshop

The online Survey gives an opportunity to work in parallel on responding to questions with other stakeholders during the workshop. In this case the survey link is shared during the workshop and participants respond to questions either as a group or each individually. This way facilitator will have an overview of individual responses after the workshop discussions.

Example: Collecting stakeholder input in case of series or parallel approach to consultations

  1. The link to the online Survey is shared via email with each selected group of stakeholders before each workshop where they are participating;
  2. Individual stakeholders fill in the Survey before a given deadline;
  3. The Focal Point and/or the Facilitator requests results from the online Survey from the GWP team; OR Each stakeholder shares the email with their Survey results with the Focal Point and/or the Facilitator;
  4. The Facilitator discusses the results of the online Survey together with the stakeholders during the workshop;
  5. The Focal Point takes the results of the discussion onboard as input before validating the final version of the SDG 6.5.1 Survey instrument.
5. How to use the online Survey in virtual or in-person workshops?

Depending on the format of stakeholder consultations, IWRM Survey tool may be used:

  • Online:
    • The link to the online Survey is shared via email with participants before the webinar;
    • The participants fill in the Survey either before the webinar or during the webinar in breakout rooms per stakeholder group or in plenary with the Survey questions shared on the screen.
    • The participants will receive a copy of their results via email immediately after submission. The Facilitator will get an overview of results from stakeholder submissions the day after from GWP team.
  • In-person:
    • The link to the online Survey is shared via email with participants before the webinar;
    • The participants fill in the Survey during the workshop, when each question is asked, so that average scores per question can be compiled based on the discussion that takes place on those questions.
6. How to get results of your Survey submission?

After filling out the Survey and clicking ‘submit’, the user will get content recommendations on the IWRM Action Hub based on their submission of the IWRM score. They will also automatically receive a copy of their submission to the email they entered at the first step in ‘Respondent Information’ section (Fig.3).

Figure 3. Example of a copy of submission received via email. 

If the respondent was logged into their user account, they will be able to review their submission under the ‘Submissions’ tab in ‘My Contributions’ section in their profile (Fig.4).

Figure 4. Example of 'Submissions' tab in the user profile.

If the Focal Point and/or Facilitator previously received the country code for the Survey, the results will be shared with them via email the day after the deadline for submissions. Please indicate the preliminary dates of your workshops and your intended deadline for submissions when requesting the country code.