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The IWRM HelpDesk provides advice and support related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of water-related policies, plans and programs. The IWRM HelpDesk services pertain primarily to governmental bodies and institutions at river basin, national, and provincial/state levels. Here are the main areas of guidance offered through the IWRM HelpDesk: 

  • Advice and advocacy for flood, drought and integrated water resources management policy and strategy formulation; 
  • Technical water and climate advice on the (inter-) national, regional and local level; 
  • Facilitation of workshops and trainings supporting the Integrated approach of flood, drought, and water resources management; 
  • Development and provision of flood, drought, and water resources management tools and capacity building materials; and 
  • Formulation of objectives and scoping for flood, drought, and water resources management management proposals. 
  • Advice and provide guidance and capacity building on gender inclusion and gender transformative approaches in  at different levels. 

Trainings can be organized on a demand-driven basis, and individually tailored to the requesting parties and governments. The scope, duration and topics vary but can generally be divided into the following: 

  • Short vocational trainings or workshops (3-5 days) on the principles and aspects of IFM, IDM, and or IWRM for policy makers, development planners, and water and disaster management professionals with a priority on the national and basin level. 
  • Training of trainers workshops (1-5 days) for capacity building institutions targeting vocational training of relevant professionals. 
  • National workshops analysing the current flood, drought and/or water resources management situation and developing strategic national frameworks in accordance with the IFM, IDM, and IWRM concept. 

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