Event date 25 Oct '22 - 6 Dec '22
Event location https://cap-net.org/iwrm4climateresilience/
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Climate change and water resources are intrinsically related. Changes in rainfall patterns and intensity lead to too much or too little water, affecting water demand and food security, livelihoods, economic development and increasing the risk and vulnerability to disasters. We must learn how to sustainably manage our water resources to ensure their resilience in a world of climate change.

Guided by the Climate Change Adaptation and IWRM training manual, this course will address the challenges of implementing sustainable water resource management and boosting climate resilience by demonstrating how the two are intrinsically linked, and explaining that addressing them in an integrated manner will increase the chances of success for both.

This course pays particular attention to the development and implementation of integrated approaches, building on the co-benefits of tackling water management and climate action simultaneously and bridging together these two domains.


The course aims to improve practitioners’ understanding of planning for integrated water management in the context of climate change. The course discusses how to plan for climate resilient measures in the water sector. Financing sources are presented and guidance of how to implement IWRM for climate resilience is provided, using examples of planning tools, technologies and practical ways forward. The various management and technology tools and approaches for adaptation and mitigation are also discussed. By the end of the course the participants will be able to plan integrated interventions in the water sector which ensure an equilibrium between water security, development and climate-risk management.

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