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The MSP Sourcebook: A Guide for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in Water Management


Why this MSP Sourcebook?

Managing water requires partnership, which can come in many forms. Yet too often, the mechanics of these partnerships and the hard lessons learned from them are not captured and shared. Many resources contain guidance on how to manage partnerships, and specifically multi-stakeholder platforms or partnerships (MSPs), but there are unique challenges to managing partnerships for water. This book is for practitioners; it seeks to fill a gap in knowledge for people who are forming, managing, or participating in MSPs working on water.

The role of the Global Water Partnership.

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a network of 3,000+ partner organisations in 169 countries. GWP is all about MSPs: it consists of dozens of layered and interrelated MSPs, of many different sizes, types, and levels of formality. GWP also participates in – and facilitates the formation and operation of – other MSPs. As such, the GWP network comprises hundreds of minds with valuable MSP expertise, and who have worked on every aspect of partnerships for water. This sourcebook seeks to bring forth lessons from that work, as well as offer practical insights for those working with MSPs in the water domain.

Purpose of the MSP Sourcebook.

This book is a practical guide for those seeking to establish and strengthen MSPs as a means of catalysing action to achieve more sustainable water management.

Who is the MSP Sourcebook for?

This MSP Sourcebook particularly pertains to:

Practitioners: Maybe you want to start a partnership for water. Maybe you have joined one, or want an existing one to work better. We have designed this sourcebook around key questions that might arise for you.

Decision-makers: Governments are increasingly benefiting from MSPs in pursuit of water-related goals. This sourcebook can serve as a series of checklists and best practices for existing or new partnerships in which your government or institution is engaged.

Academia: A great deal of knowledge is still lacking around what makes partnerships for water work, and the measurable impacts of working in partnership. We hope this book can lay out some of the knowledge and typologies for researchers, students, and others looking to enrich our shared knowledge base.

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