Description of the Platform

This inventory of tools and models on early warning and flood forecasting was developed under the Associated Programme on Flood Management, a WMO-GWP programme. The primary purpose of this inventory is to provide information about interoperable models and platforms whose use is most likely to bring long-term success in flood forecasting and early warning systems. The inventory is designed to help scientists and engineers in National Hydrological Services who are trying to select appropriate models and platforms for their needs.  Screening criteria have been used to limit the number of models and platforms and help assure scientists and engineers selecting a model or platform from the inventory that they will have the best chance for success.

All models and platforms in the inventory meet the following basic criteria:

  • Operationally Used
  • Freely Available
  • Reasonable Hardware Requirements
  • Training Material Available
  • Institutional Support
  • UN Languages
  • Sustainability
  • Peer Review and Case Studies