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The six Better Together: Principles of Engagement (the Principles) provide a basic reference to good engagement. If we’re able to consider each of the Principles as we plan and implement an engagement, we can have confidence in our interaction with stakeholders and communities. The six Principles are inter-related. They rely on each other, and if we choose not to pursue one, the overall success of our engagement could be hindered. Of course, the attention, weighting or consideration given to each of the Principles may not be uniform and may vary depending on the circumstances, the focus or the stage of the engagement. However, all six Principles should receive fair consideration as you plan and implement your engagement strategy. It’s also important to note that the Principles should always be applied to suit your engagement. They recognise and promote the breadth and variety of engagement opportunities. They acknowledge that each engagement has a different purpose and is undertaken in a different place, with different external influences and with different people. 

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