Description / Abstract

This Zanzibar Development Vision 2050 (ZDV50) is a long-term national development plan formulated to guide Zanzibar’s overall development agenda from the year 2020 to 2050. It serves as a successor plan to Vision 2020 and has the overall aspiration of lifting Zanzibar economically and socially to attain Upper-Middle Income Status by 2050 by prioritizing inclusive and pro-poor policies that target wide-reaching strategic considerations of the economic, social, political and environmental dimensions. The Vision is shaped by the following four pillars (1) economic transformation of Zanzibar’s productive capabilities through economic modernization and diversification; (2) human capital and social services that it is healthy, competitive, innovative and productive; (3) infrastructural linkages and provision of modern, high quality, accessible and reliable infrastructure within and across homes and settlements; and (4) governance and resilience. Each pillar is subdivided into different priority areas, reflecting the layers of Zanzibar’s economy and society. Every priority area, in turn, consists of aspirations for the next 30 years and targeted performance indicators.

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