Having recognized the need for coordinated activities to mitigate drought, Uzbekistan joined the National Action Programme to Combat Desertification in 1995. In line with government policy and to fulfill its priority obligations under the Convention, Uzbekistan organized the establishment of a National Action Plan to Combat Desertification, which was supported by the United Nations and United Nations Environment Programme. This program was developed by a group of experts from the relevant organization in Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Main Administration for Hydrometeorology at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (GLAVGIDROMET), which acts as the executive body of the government. The aim of the National Action Program to Combat Desertification was to create a unified general guideline and structure for process management planning to prevent desertification and limit its consequences. The establishment of a national action plan enabled the creation of a mechanism for the development of targeted and effective programs and projects, the provision of good planning at the national level, the promotion of support from donor organizations, and the development of agreements to support the implementation of the planned measures.

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