Stakeholder analysis (SA) represents a precondition for setting up an effective stakeholder participation in water management since it helps to better understand stakeholders` role and actions, identify whose stake should be taken into account, reveals power relations among stakeholders, helps to understand the diverse range of potentially conflicting interests, analyze driving forces and existing coordination among stakeholders, and identify bottlenecks in communication which affect daily operations or strategic planning for the future way forward. This paper presents the results of a SA performed in the Kingdom of Jordan for water management sector with the purpose of assessing stakeholders’ capacity to participate in water management planning process based on following attributes: power, interest, knowledge, attitude, legitimacy, attention getting capacity and existing and desired level of involvement. Statistical correlation of stakeholders` knowledge about water management issues and power in water management sector with other attributes was investigated as well. This was designed to determine the importance of stakeholders level of knowledge and power relevant for success of water management process.

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