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EmergPolut-HUB is a venue for water, health, and related discipline stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences and discuss topics related to emergent pollutants. It is also a space where they can promote upcoming opportunities and events.

Emerging Pollutants: Protecting Water Quality for the Health of People and the Environment Online Conference is organized by UNESCO and the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) on 17-19 January 2023 to highlight how the world can advance knowledge, research, and solutions for managing emerging pollutants to improve and protect water quality in a changing world. More details about the conference's specific objectives and details of its program can be found on its website.

You are invited to join EmergPolut-HUB if:

  • You are part of water supply and treatment entities; part of a local, regional, national, or international water or health-related agency; conducting research on emergent pollutants; part of water industries;
  • Advocating for equity and access to water resources for limited resources population; or
  • Advocating for a sustainable environment. Invitation is extended to experts, scientists, policymakers, the general public, NGOs, international agencies (e.g., UNESCO, WHO), scientific communities (e.g., IWRA), marginalized communities, women, early career professionals, and the youth.

The objectives of this Community are:

  • To facilitate the translation of knowledge into actions for protecting water resources and human and environmental health by safely managing emerging pollutants.
  • Offer an interactive venue for knowledge exchange among water and health-related stakeholders outside virtual events.
  • Link professionals on multiple scales, e.g., local, regional, and global levels, to exchange knowledge and experiences that enhance a global community of practice.

Our Community is developed jointly by IWRA and UNESCO teams. We have several moderators keen to ensure that the community discussions and materials respect the agreed guidelines. Please reach out to our moderators in case you have any concerns:

  • Ali Fares, Moderator & Co-Admin
  • Mahmoud Radwan, Moderator & Co-Admin 
  • Jennifer Trevino, Moderator
  • Rasha Hassan, Moderator